Composite Components


Sub sea

Support for companies involved in underwater operations are a growing part of our business, recently we sourced and manufactured Total Marine Technology's floatation unit for the new Typhoon heavy work class ROV. With our technical and manufacturing capabilities we are able to build composite assemblies and floatation units for the sub sea environment up to depths of 1000m.

Our staff have 1st hand knowledge of CNC machining operations and have the capability to carry out post machining operations like hand finishing, 'potting' and bonding of dedicated threaded inserts for 'bolted on' fixtures.

Utilising CAD capabilities, worldwide sourcing of suitable materials and having the handling experience of these materials means that we can deliver a product that will meet and exceed customer expectations.

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The Bladerider is like no other sailboat, employing the very latest design and composite material technologies to produce true "extreme sailing". Due to its light-weight construction and advanced engineering design the Bladerider can lift out of the water in 6 knots of wind, fly through a lull as low as 4 knots, and will achieve boat speeds in excess of 20 knots in a 12-15 knot wind.

Continually investing in new technologies and ideas, Composite Components fulfilled a research and development role for Bladerider working on prototype hydrofoil constructions, CAD mould design and other components to keep Bladerider ahead of the curve.

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Designed and built by Composite Components. Whisper is an experiment and example of ongoing R&D into hydrofoil sailing. The hull uses basic materials such as fiberglass and wood in a unique way to generate a lighter, tougher and more cost effective hull than the more exotic carbon fibre ‘sandwich’ laminate.

The hull has been designed to structurally support a free standing over-rotating carbon fibre wing mast. This mast design was chosen to generate more power while reducing drag and increasing boat speed.

The hydrofoils that have been designed and manufactured are 3D CAD modeled, CFD tested and CNC machined direct to part eliminating the requirement for moulds, set up time and the costs associated.

Whisper is a high speed racing sailboat with little room for comfort and less for errors and will serve primarily as a test bed for further investigations into hydrofoil and sailing performance.

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