Innervations: 3D Design & FEA Analysis

Innervations–C Force Performance Platform

Searching for a portable and powerful force platform led Prof. Robert Newton to engage composite components to design, analyse and then build an all composite platform capable of handling a max force of 1000kg and capture data at 10,000 Hz.

Based on the client’s requirements, a 3D model was created using Solidworks and the structural capacity of the design analysed with Solidworks composite simulation. Once the suitability of the laminate design was confirmed ‘temporary’ moulds were CNC machined which enabled us to realise and reveal all the complexities we could expect during production while maintaining an economical price, 3 prototypes were constructed.

The first 2 prototypes were a success, meeting or surpassing the client’s requirement, but we felt on reflection we could do better on stiffness and weight. Using a combination of optimised topology software and an aggressive iso-grid reinforcing structure approach, computer simulations revealed we could improve part quality and weight. This simulation results were confirmed when the 3rd prototype was completed showing an increase in stiffness and in strength by a factor of 5 and 4.5 respectively. The new design also reduced the overall weight by 44%.

The ability to create the 3D model enabled us to analyse and improve the design over an already suitable design. Leveraging 20 years of experience allowed us to carry out the complicated new build methodology in a timely fashion and deliver the outstanding result with no change to the pricing model initially outlined.

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