Composite components is a leading edge manufacturer of advanced composite parts and structures for industry, government, small business and research groups.

Through utilisation 3D Computer modelling, 3D FDM printing, CAM (CNC machining), FEA technologies and advanced composite manufacturing methodologies we deliver the highest quality parts and structures to our customers who use our products in land, sea and air-based applications all over the world.

Every component we build is designed and evaluated, then the construction and method of construction chosen based on the client’s requirements, budget and project application. We utilise advanced technical fabrics such as carbon, Kevlar and glass fibres and manufacturing procedures like compression moulding, RTM (resin transfer moulding) oven cured pre-impregnated (pre preg) laminating and vacuum infusion.

Composite Components is a company dedicated to utilising the best manufacturing standards and technology to create bespoke parts and assemblies for our customers. Using experience that spans over two decades in the advanced composites industry we strive to achieve ‘world’s best standard’ in our field, while working closely with our clients respecting their need for confidentiality and treat their intellectual property with due sensitivity.

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