From initial concept, material selection, simulation, part fabrication and right through to finished assembly, Composite Components can handle every aspect of your requirements. We specialise in high performance structural component manufacture, this demands the same high performance in our manufacturing techniques, in our staff and our plant and equipment.

Component Manufacture

Our primary choice of manufacture is hand lamination of pre-impregnated (pre-preg) fabrics being either carbon, kevlar, glass fibres or a combination thereof using our custom curing ovens or heated hydraulic press to maximise material properties. We also recognize and use other methods such as RTM (resin transfer moulding), vacuum assisted RTM and filament winding in the appropriate situations.

With the choice of these manufacturing types, superior parts are produced due to controlled resin/reinforcement ratios and aesthetic value is increased. We also enjoy the advantage of a cleaner and low toxin/fume free workplace environment that comes with these advanced practices.

3D CAD / Computer Modelling

Our 3D computational capability allows us to exploit the benefits of digital processing to realise an improved product for our clients. We make use of 3D computational design by way of concept & part design, FEA analysis, CFD analysis, 3D printing, 3 to 5 axis CNC machining, 2D cutting & plotting, and other data acquisition formats. We also create and use generative and parametric algorithms to simplify part design and reduce build times.

Embracing this aspect of digital design, analysis and construction from the beginning, we have been fostering good relationships with designers and machinists (CAM) alike, to maximise the benefits that computational implementation can create.

Plant and Equipment

Our facilities include a large area for assembly of projects, temperature controlled clean room for production and a dedicated trimming and drilling room to maintain a clean and dust free environment.

We operate 5 x FDM printers for parts, moulds, prototypes and a CNC cutter/plotter 6m x 2m for accurate (+/-0.5mm) cutting and ID of composite materials prior to lamination.

Three high temperature data logging ovens are available for curing of parts and post curing of assemblies. The larger oven (5m x 2m x 2m internal capacity) operates up to 150 degrees C, delivering consistent high vacuum pressure during cure cycles. Production capacity is further enhanced by our 14Mpa capacity ‘double daylight’ 1m x 0.6m heated hydraulic press for rapid production of composite parts and trimming operations often carried out by our 3 axis CNC router.

Research and Development

Composite Components works with composite manufactures and suppliers all over the world sourcing materials for R&D and manufacturing purposes. This knowledge and information is re invested to directly to satisfy the demands of our clients seeking the highest quality parts and latest technology.

A constant practice of testing, archiving, experimenting and learning, informs our clients of the latest practices and demonstrates future ideas for manufacture. We subscribe to industry and trade magazines and attend exhibitions globally showcasing composites and its technologies, to bring the most up to date knowledge to our clients.

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